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How to start an EU company online in Ukraine

More than 200 EU companies have now been established online in Ukraine through Estonia’s e-Residency programme.

Estonia became the first country to offer e-Residency so that anyone can apply for a government-backed digital identity, and use it to establish and manage an EU company entirely online with minimal cost and hassle. E-Residency also enables Ukrainians to access online business tools such as international payment providers.

This workshop will cover the entire process of becoming an e-resident, establishing a company through e-Residency and managing it from Ukraine. You can also find out about business opportunities around the e-Residency program as a service provider to the growing community of e-residents.

Additionally, we will review the real use cases and applications of the e-Residency tools by the existing Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

The workshop will be led in English, but you are welcome to ask questions in Ukrainian and Russian too. It will be conducted by Oleg Gutsol, the Ukrainian-born founder of 500px, now the head of growth at e-Residency, and Adam Rang, head of communications at e-Residency.

Find out more about e-Residency at http://e-resident.gov.ee/ or www.ukrainein.eu 

Read more about e-Residency in Ukraine here.

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